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ARM 16bit Opcodes (THUMB Code) When operating in THUMB state, cut-down 16bit opcodes are used. THUMB is supported on T-variants of ARMv4.

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4200h - NMITIMEN- Interrupt Enable and Joypad Request 00h 4201h - WRIO - Joypad Programmable I/O Port (Open-Collector Output) FFh 4202h - WRMPYA - Set unsigned 8bit Multiplicand (FFh) 4203h - WRMPYB - Set unsigned 8bit Multiplier and Start Multiplication (FFh) 4204h - WRDIVL - Set unsigned.

When I try to play HeartGold on NO$GBA when the game starts it goes all There's my site where you can get the Roms fully fixed and No$GBA configured. I've had the rom image crash error before, but it was because.

Sep 26, 2009 With emulators that are as incomplete as no$gba there's no such I was on youtube and I saw a video link of Soul Silver and Heart get "The Rom-image has crashed" Fatal w/e alot when i try to save. I am asking anyone who is having problem with pokemon HG or SS since I am using a patch and have .

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Feb 22, 2011 It's been a while since I last tried playing the game using no$gba + no$zoomer. a 30-odd-page-long thread called "Pokemon Soul Silver/Heart Gold Emulation Just patch it with this (linked to in Smilley's signature). After saving just reload ROM, and it won't freeze, till the next time you get the distortion.