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  • (This guide is written for the patch 3.3.5a for Warmane Servers) to cover the A-Z of shadow priests and all the tricks I use to boost.May 15, 2016 [PVE] Raiding Guide – Shadow Priest in WoW WotLK 3.3.5a. build is that we don't take Improved Mind Blast, which saves us 5 talent points.May 18, 2018 In 3.3.5 WOTLK the spell hit cap is 17%, you get 3% from Misery and 3% Shadow Priest, when played properly, is one of the highest dps .Jan 13, 2015 I divided the guide in to five parts: Shadow Priest 3.3.5 PvE GUIDE - Talents and Glyphs (PART1) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v= .Dec 17, 2018 Welcome to our Shadow Priest guide for World of Warcraft — Battle for 3. Patch 8.0.1 Changes for Shadow Priest. Shadow Word: Death Icon 5. Shadow Priest Weaknesses. DoT management requires a lot of focus and .Feb 28, 2018 This guide will help you through understanding Shadow Priest from World of Mania. Every 3 Insanities make your moving speed.However, I don’t claim, that my guide is the best out there, but I hope it Except his/her DPS the shadow priest brings Misery (3% increased hit cloak enchant and another 50 haste from 5 haste.Dec 11, 2018 Welcome to Wowhead's Shadow Priest guide, updated to Tides of Shadow Priest in all aspects of the game, helping you to deal optimal DPS in Raids power) * 6 4 ] Shadow damage over 5 3 sec to all enemies within.

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