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In this tutorial, I'm going to show you how to make a cool 3D holographic playing card out of 2D art from our tutorial Dynamic Comic Book Illustration in Adobe Illustrator.Re: How to Tell if Your Pokemon Cards are Fake one of my claydol cards says "No. 244 " when he's supposed to be No. 344 and has the info for vibrava: "It violently shudders it's wings, generating ultrasonic waves to induce headaches in people.".6. Holographic effect. Many fake cards feature an unusual holographic effect that genuine Pokemon cards do not have. Other times, the fake card will be printed without a holographic effect even though it should have one. 7. The light test. Many fake cards let through a lot of light when a torch is shined directly at them. Before trying this, take a known genuine card and see how much light passes through it to establish a benchmark.With holo cards, a holographic sheet is bonded to the card base, then the next layer is bonded on top of this, with a clear window where the card illustration.

In the first picture here again you see the backside of two Pokemon cards that look very close to being the same product. The first card is missing the "TM" trademark, giving.Being able to tell if your Pokemon card is a fake is a big part of collecting Pokemon cards. Some cards obviously have something wrong with them, but some are harder to tell. Hopefully this guide will help you be able to tell if your Pokemon card is fake. If you have any questions make sure to leave them in the comments below and we will try and answer.Making Pokémon cards is illegal if the purpose is to sell them for profit. If you intend on playing with your fake card, there are several different things.Often fake cards make spelling mistakes or use fonts that genuine cards cards feature an unusual holographic effect that genuine Pokemon cards.

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I used to make fake Pokemon cards years ago. Decided to make a Pokemon Card EX Dragon Frontiers Reverse Holo Rare Ampharos 1/101.Fake cards are typically smoother and shinier (unless you have a hollow, reverse hollow, or a new card) than real cards due to the material they use to make these cards. Most ex-Pokemon cards should shine.Then take an old Pokémon card you don't use anymore and make a small rip in that. Compare the rate at which both ripped. If the fake one ripped faster, then it's .Well you can't exactly make your cards "holographic" per say, but it is possible to customize a card to appear to be holo (when put in the right light).

Someone suggested laser printing directly onto holographic paper, which is such an obvious shortcut I can't believe I didn't think of it. My printer doesn't print on cardstock or heavy paper.Fake Pokémon cards were a problem back in 1999 and 2000 but they faded away In fact, if you know what to look for, they are very easy to identify and to avoid. That's the holographic foil layer of the card shining through.If you suspect you have a fake card, grab a useless card that you are sure is real (for example, an energy card), and gently bend the card to check the card's durability. Then try to bend the fake card. Fake cards are made out of a flimsier cardboard than real cards.It depends on what kind of trading card you want to foil. Below is a video showing how to make foil Magic the Gathering proxies. NOTE: Proxies are not allowed in tournament.

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