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Oct 9, 2015 Ark: Survival Evolved launched in early access on Steam in June this year, and within a month had sold a million copies. Now, as reported.

  • Ragnarok is a free, official, non-canonical DLC expansion map for ARK: Survival Evolved. Ragnarok was released on June 12, 2017 for the PC, Mac and Linux version of ARK, and for consoles on August 29, 2017. Half of the map was finished at PC release date and 75% at console's release.

  • If you're feeling lost in all that information read our guide on how to choose ARK server hosting which will help you figure out the important stuff. Sort By TrustPilot Ratings. Host. ServerBlend. TrustPilot Ratings. 9.7. Locations. Supported Platforms. The #1 comparison site for ARK: Survival Evolved game server hosting providers.

  • Jul 6, 2018 Valve leaks Steam game player counts; we have the numbers. Valve plugged Valve working on “more accurate” replacement for Steam Spy's sales data. By July 4 ARK: Survival Evolved, 9,103,947, 346110. Half-Life.

  • ARK: Survival Evolved has already generated million Jesse Rapczak, co-founder of Studio Wildcard, tells us that sales have covered initial dev costs.

  • ARK: Survival Evolved. Info History Stats Regions. Released on 27 Aug 2017. 239th most popular. Historical Low: Steam on 2017-05-29: 68% off: .59: Current Best: GameBillet on 2019-01 Prices Price Development Cut Development Historical Low Number of Sales Average Sale Duration Total Sale Duration Sale Start. All time. Last month.

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The online survival sim Rust broke one million copies sold in early 2014, just two months after it hit Steam Early Access.

  1. Jun 13, 2017 The final version of Ark: Survival Evolved will receive a retail and digital That boosted its lifetime sales to 5.5 million including PC, and Studio .

  2. Jun 26, 2015 The numbers are in for this year's Steam Summer Sale, courtesy of the folks at This is an online tool that utilizes the Steam API to generate sales data. Surprisingly, the big winner appears to be ARK: Survival Evolved.

  3. Stranded on the shores of a mysterious island, you must learn to survive. Use your cunning to kill or tame the primeval creatures roaming the land, and .

In addition to the ARK: Survival Evolved sales figures, there’s also another interesting claim in said press release: The most popular open-world Early Access game on Steam, ARK: Survival Evolved brings a new level of depth to the survival genre with a unique blend of emergent multiplayer cooperation and competition. Yes, you read that correctly.

Stranded on the shores of a mysterious island, you must learn to survive. Use your cunning to kill or tame the primeval creatures roaming the land, and .

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Ark Survival Evolved Sales is all about that base! Ok, that sounded corny, I know. But for real, whatever building supplies you need, whether it’s walls, behemoths, foundations, industrial forges to smelt all of your raw metal, chemistry benches to speed up the process of making narcotics, spark powder, and gun powder (those mortar and pestles are horribly slow), or whatever.

Sales[edit]. Within a month of its early access release on Steam, Ark had sold over one million copies. By August 2016, the game had over .

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