Do you have a silverface Twin Reverb Amp or Dual Showman Reverb Amp with the serial number A23373? A lot of people do and here’s a plausible explanation based on the evidence. Sometime in 1970, Fender ordered a bunch of Twin Reverb/Dual Showman Reverb chasses from their supplier.

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How to Identify the Date and Value of a Fender Amplifier. courtesy of pianowow. Neither the date nor the value can be determined from the serial number. Fender’s amps, unlike their guitars, are not tracked by the serial number. In order to date a Fender amp or provide the value, you need to know one of the below: * The 2 letter date code rubber stamped on the Tube Chart, or * The 2 letter.

First, it will be useful to you to understand the following five terms in order to choose the correct chart for dating your amp: Silverface, Blackface and Brownface .

The Twin Reverb was the absolute top of the line in Fender’s Blackface range. Designed for a lot of clean, clear output, it boasted four 6L6GC power tubes for 85 watts and a pair of heavy duty Oxford 12T6 speakers. JBL D120F speakers could be factory-ordered for enhanced clarity and volume (not to mention the added potential to dislocate shoulder sockets).

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Amps from the silverface era, which have a silver faceplate, were manufactured from 1968 to 1982. In 1992, Fender began producing the '65 Reissue Twin Reverb. In 1992, Fender began producing the '65 Reissue Twin Reverb.

  1. Fender Blackface amps & early Silverface amps used cloth covered wire until sometime in 1968 FENDER AMP Chassis Serial Number DATE CODES.

  2. The Fender Champ was a guitar amplifier made by Fender. It was introduced in 1948 and As of 2016, the Champion 600 was once again discontinued. The silverface version served as a basis for the Bronco student amplifier of 1967. "How to Date a Tweed Fender Champ Amplifier by Serial Number | My Fender .

  3. Posted on 26th August 2016 by Admin Fender Twin Reverb Silver Face: a classic amp, used by The Beatles, Radiohead, White Stripes and Bassbreaker: the newest models. 10) Fender Amps Serial Numbers:.

Dating A Fender Silverface Twin Reverb Discussion in 'Amp Central Station' started by EricS76 Tele-Meister. 304. Nov 15, 2011 Texas. Hey guys, I just got a Fender Twin Reverb off on ebay and i'm trying to date it. I got the chassis number, A 40621 which puts it in 1972. The Utah speakers are stamped 328205 which should be the 5th week of 1972, but the Fender logo on the grill.

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Buy Fender Champion 40 - 40-Watt Electric Guitar Amplifier: Musical may register the serial number with loss and theft databases to prevent fraudulent.

Named for their black-painted control panels, Blackface Fender amps are one of the company's Published Jul 27, 2016 by Roger Bergen line, ranging from the diminutive Champ to the massive Twin Reverb. also produced a number of head and cabinet stacks in the Blackface era. Don't miss out on the latest.

Twin Reverb AB763, AC568, AA769, AA270 DATING FENDER TUBE AMPS BY SERIAL NUMBER, PART 1 BY GREG GAGLIANO COPYRIGHT 1997, 20TH CENTURY GUITAR MAGAZINE and: Your ultimate source for historical guitar amplifier information: THE AMP GUIDE By Eric Barbour - Former Vacuum Tube Valley senior editor What the tubes do in most Fender tube amps: The first preamp tube (or the first 2 tubes.