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Basically, a wedlocke is a nuzlocke where your six pokemon are put into three im doing a hg wedlocke and these two are my favorite pair so far This won't make much sense if you haven't watched the newest episode of Marriland's Pokemon Omega Ruby Wedlocke :P But if you decide X Wedlocke Twitter.

Chickadee (Marriland's Pokemon Black Wedlocke) Clawsthevulpix 2 0 Let me smell my way into your heart aug325 15 10 Grackle FavChanger 1 0 Thank You Turkey TamarinFrog 1,000 120 Quail the Goth Crossdresser FavChanger 2 0 The Beauty and the Beast Komitsugu 76 51 CardinalXPenguin LucarioYoshi88 10 13 Chickadee's revenge LaserLake 3 0 PigeonXWren LucarioYoshi88 6 2 Chickadee (Again) Marriland.

The rules for the Wedlocke challenge were conceived by Marriland (that's me!) back in early February 2012, and were then made public on December 26th, 2012, to coincide with Marriland's HeartGold Wedlocke video series on YouTube.

May 15, 2014 The New Way to Play series on Marriland will go through various ways 2012, to coincide with Marriland's HeartGold Wedlocke video series on YouTube. Reading the first part of each of the five rules should give you the Whenever Pokémon die in a Wedlocke challenge, replacement #7 Marriland.

How's it goin' everyone, Marriland here! Welcome to my channel! I hope you enjoy my videos, which consist mostly of Pokémon content, but also other games.

For Pokemon Black Version 2 on the DS, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Marriland starts a Pokemon Heartgold "Wedlocke"".

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This is the list of Marriland's Pokémon in his Pokémon HeartGold version walkthrough, following the Wedlocke Challenge rules. Walkthrough info: This walkthrough has received particularly high attention amongst Marriland's Pokémon walkthroughs, mostly due to the viewers feeling sympathy on Marriland's "dying" Pokémon.

Marriland here! A while ago, I started up a small Pokémon website as a hobby, and it eventually grew into one of the largest Pokémon websites out there. Then I got into YouTube and created videos that were viewed by tons of people all around the world.