Download Pokemon Heart Gold/Soul Silver (Don't reset afterwards or else it will crash and u will lose ur progress, just close and reopen.) You might need to use the EXTRA.

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  • Okay, so I'm currently playing pokemon heart gold on the no$gba (latest since it always crashes a few seconds after you save and you gotta .

  • Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver problems? Discussion in 'NDS - ROM Hacking and Translations' started by Kroatien99, Mar 14, - Replacing all the 00 00 00 46 in the rom by 00 00 00 00 : Fail - Tried a lot of AR codes : Some from JP, K fix. No one working - Unchecking DMA and reset : Fail - Inserting patched JP overlays : Fail, but increase the number of events before freeze - Deleting.

  • This video shows you how to fix save and rom image crash.

  • Mar 14, 2010 THIS IS ONLY TESTED ON NO$GBA 2.6a I have only passed the second gym, only 1. Used to Unpack the Heart Gold Rom Pokemon HeartGold (U)fix code: 020DD9E4 E1A00000 020D3820 E1A00000 Pokemon Soul .

  • Pokemon HeartGold (U)fix code: 020DD9E4 E1A00000 020D3820 E1A00000 Pokemon Soul Silver (U)fix code: 020DE16C E1A00000 020D3FA8 E1A00000 Make sure you load the ROM with GBA BIOS selected or it more than likely.

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Feb 22, 2011 It's been a while since I last tried playing the game using no$gba + no$zoomer. across a 30-odd-page-long thread called "Pokemon Soul Silver/Heart Gold After saving just reload ROM, and it won't freeze, till the next time .

[Pokémon Heart Gold/Soul Silver] Emulation Help Thread ROM Hacking Discussion. When I try to play HeartGold on NO$GBA when the game starts it I've had the rom image crash error before, but it was because.

For some reason No$GBa crashes after saving in Ecruteak. To prevent the game from crashing, as soon as the '**** saved the game', close or reset the emulator.

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Pokemon Heart Gold ROM Crash after 3rd Gym. Discussion in 'Technical Help' started by verhoef09 , May 31, 2013. verhoef09 Member. Hello everyone. I realize this is a very common problem. I have done extensive searches for solutions, but everything I have found is old, usually dating back to around 2010 and have found nothing that works. Currently my HeartGold rom freezes upon saving after.

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