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Aug 21, 2013 This 38 Colt Detective Special did not historically meet that criteria. These serial numbers are for the Police Positive and Detective Special.What is the value of a Colt Detective Special 38 Cal the full serial number but instead disguise a colt 38 cal detective special serial number.How to read Colt serial numbers for first timersRate this post Colt serial codes could be hard to read in the case you are not experienced in the field. While these.FIREARMS 4. 1960 Colt Sheriff's Model Second Generation ''Prototype'' 1960 Sheriff's Model, Colt Buntline Special Serial Number 18307SA.Hi All, I;ve just acquired a Colt Det. Spl, in 38 Cal. I'm looking for the serial number but cannot find it. There is a bit of rust so opening the cylinder.

  • where do I find the serial number on a colt 38 detective special probably late 50s number or the actual serial number ,,most of the time it's marked on the frame .38 detective 38 s w serial, colt 38 detective special forum serial number, colt det spc forum, colt detective 38 vs smith and wesson chief special.Manufacturer/Serial Number/Date Made. (approx. 6,575 Commercial models were converted to military production. Colt stop it’s Some special military orders.Colt's Manufacturing Company - firearms, handguns, pistols, rifles, revolvers.To comply with the law, Colt began adding letters to the serial numbers as prefixes and he has a rare, unknown model of aluminum frame Detective Special.

  • Colt Detective Special Production Information in same serial number range as Police Positive Special. Year, Serial Number Range, Year, Serial Number Range.Find great deals on eBay for colt detective special. Shop with confidence.The Colt Detective Special morphed through four (4) variations (or series) in its almost seventy years; 1) First series Detective Specials were manufactured.Colt Commando Revolver.38 Special Caliber Colt manufactured 2 and 4 inch versions of the Commando with the 2 inch Serial numbers: 1943 Colt Commando.38 Special: This is a very light The serial number of Ruby's Colt was I believe the Colt Cobra of the 1970's was Colt's last desperate attempt to redesign.

  • Colt Detective Special Production Information in same serial number range as Police Positive Special: Year: Serial Number Range: Year: Serial Number Range.What's this Colt Detective Special Worth Can you indulge me and tell me what generation Detective Special it and they are excellent but the Det Special.Browse all new and used Colt Revolvers - Detective Special for sale and buy with Colt Det. Spec 2"BBl. Bright Pre-War Colt Detective Special, serial number.Colt Serial Number look-up Colt It doesn't like special characters, but works pretty good. Pretty cool - I wasn't for sure if my Commando.1911/1911A1 Production Numbers: Serial Number Range: Manufactured by: Special Notes: Quantity: Colt Commercial Production Serial Numbers--Top.

  • Colt Serial Number List and FAQ Colt Serial Number Prefix Model Name Sample Model BD AR15A3 Tactical Carbine 6721 CC Colt Carbine R6520 CH Competition.Army Special Officer's Model Bankers Special Camp Perry Model Cobra, Aircrewman, Courier Agent Commando Colt Long Guns top. Berdan (Russian) Model Rifle.Colt 1911 Mkiv Series 80 Serial Numbers Featured Gun Classifieds Colt Pistols - 1911 Series 80. Colt MK IV/Series 80 1911 Gold Cup Pistol. GI#: 100379412.Enter the serial number, without spaces or dashes, to search the database. If multiple models appear for your serial number simply match the date with the .This is a Colt Detective Special chambered for the 38 Special holding six rounds. This firearm is in excellent condition. It is a 3rd Generation model.

  • Enter the serial number, without spaces or dashes, to search the database. If multiple models appear for your serial number simply match the date with the appropriate.Colt Serial Number Date Of Manufacture. Colt king cobra 357 serial numbers, colt king cobra Very Nice used Colt Army Pinto model in.44 special.Colt Detective Special 38 - Collector's Information Factory Inscribed "Laurence Zygmunt" 38 Special Serial Number 788537 (ca. 1961).Colt serial numbers?! Identity and Date of Manufacture of Colt Revolvers. and on per-war guns numbers ABOVE the serial "may" have special meaning.Produced from 1942 to 1944 had serial numbers Use only standard load.38 Special ammo. In 1973 Colt • • • • • • Colt Det. Spl.38 Serial Number.

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The classic Colt Detective Special snub-nosed revolver has backed up officers and civilians for several decades.Find great deals on eBay for colt detective special holster. Shop with confidence.The Cobra is the same overall size and configuration as the famous Colt Detective Special and uses the same version of the alloy-framed Colt Cobra in 38 Special.The Colt Detective Special is a carbon steel framed double-action short-barreled Colt recorded serial numbers for every year of DS production.Remarks Year Made Serial # Source The First Colt Single-Action Rusty Edwards is pleased to share this list of serial numbers of 1st Generation Colt Peacemaker.

The factory serial number won't be engraved like that. Colt didn't use hand engravers. The factory numbers may be under the grip there wasn't a detective special.Serial number: AE4106 Slightly-used one owner firearm. Excellent condition, rarely fired. Please excuse the amateur photos. for sale by GA_1110820 on GunsAmerica.colt offical police in 38 special cal., with 4" barrel. color blue. condition 94%. serial number 586633. colt model official police (pre-war), walnut grips excellent.Home → Colt Revolvers. Matching serial numbers on barrel, frame, COLT DET SP 38 Special; 99% blue, excellent bore, excellent grips.What year is a colt 38 detective special with serial number beginning with. I have a Colt 38 Detective Special 38 Special CTG Serial # H51250 in pretty.

View several Model Index to observe serial numbers). As with most Colt firearms there are with ‘COLTS/PATENT’. On engraved and special.That is, mine has 6 digits These are 5 digits prior written here Colt AR-15 Serial Number List. Register; Forgotten Your Password? Remember Me? Knowledge Library.The Colt Detective Special was an Colt no longer caters to the concealable snubby or the revolver market. Colts Detective Special is the recommended number.COLT. Derringers and Pocket Pistols Conversions Single Action Revolvers Double Action Belt Model Paterson No. 2 & 3 · Cloverleaf Detective Special.The Colt Detective Special is a six-shot, carbon steel framed, 2" barreled, double-action The right side frame screw has no locking pin, and the rear half of the front sight is a serrated ramp. The grip panels Because of this, assigning a given revolver to a particular issue is best done by serial number. During the 1960s, the .

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What is the worth of a Colt Detective Special, 38 Special Ctg., 1973 Third Variation? I have a colt detective special revolvor serial number.1974 Colt Detective Special 23mrcowboys. Loading. Unsubscribe from 23mrcowboys? Cancel Unsubscribe. Working. Subscribe Subscribed Unsubscribe.COLT AGENT COLT AGENT "D" FRAME The Agent was basically the early Cobra, only made with a special short grip frame. The Agent was intended to be a highly.the “VP” was generally re-stamped on the frame beneath the serial number Special Colt Detective Special number, the Fitz Special remains.38+P in a Colt Detective Special. The post-1972 Colt Detective Special was factory rated for up to 3000 All they did was start stamping the model numbers.